Welcome to the amazing Vibro Acoustic Chair

It’s new and it’s here in Nashville

Harmonized Brain Centers are now offering sessions on their fantastic Vibro Acoustic chair.

It offers both restorative and preventative healing for those suffering with Pain, Anxiety, Stress and similar conditions.

Paul England reports…

Imagine just sitting back in an amazingly comfortable chair, listening to relaxing music while gentle vibrations flow through your body, leaving you feeling healthier and better able to cope with what life throws at you?

That’s the aim of Vibro Acoustic Therapy.

Using a chair that is built on the principle that sound waves and frequencies can relax various parts of the body and create an environment that is both healing and restorative at the same time. 

No drugs, all completely natural, and safe.

Vibro Acoustic Therapy was discovered about 40 years ago

The pioneers of this therapy found that by providing specific sounds and tones via a chair can help promote healing in the body.

Subsequent studies have shown this therapy significantly helps people dealing with:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue, depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain management
  • Sensory issues among many other conditions.

Clinical studies have shown that sound used this way penetrates deep into muscles, joints and organs. Frequencies can correspond and change physical and emotional brain wave patterns and this sensual stimulation has a quick and lasting “feel good sensation” attached to it.

A Vibro Acoustic chair is designed with all of this in mind. It has speakers strategically placed throughout the chair to send the sound, frequency and vibration through your entire body. Music has been designed to target specific areas of concern, such as for stress, pain, and other sensory issues.

By relaxing in the comfortable, zero gravity chair, you listen the music, sleep if you like and just allow the sounds and vibrations to penetrate the body and allow healing to take place.

Some people will find immediate relief while others will find that within a few hours of having the therapy, positive changes begin to happen. Over a course of several sessions, the body becomes more reactive to the changes being made.

These chairs are being used in several local VA hospitals. Before acquiring one for Harmonized Brain Centers, Sheri Rowney of HBC went to try one for herself. She describes what happened:

“The practitioner seated me in a very comfortable chair, put me in a zero-gravity position, put some headphones on, started the music and left me in the darkened room to relax and enjoy. I immediately could feel the vibration sensations going up and down my legs and spine; very subtle but very relaxing. I think I probably dozed off for a while because when she came in to get me, I couldn’t believe so much time had passed. I got up feeling very calm and almost giddy.

I had the opportunity to ask what most patients used the Chair for:

The nurse said ‘pain management, anxiety and PTSD were the most frequent applications but she also saw but that it was very useful for patients with Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia.”

In fact while she was at the VA she spoke to a Veteran who had just used the chair, who claimed it helped him so much with his pain it enabled him to reduce his medications to a considerable degree.

In addition the Vibro Acoustic chairs have shown significant help with people who have sensory conditions such as Autism. The Nurse at the VA told Sheri that their chairs are kept busy; people finding it very helpful in treating their symptoms and giving them relief.

Any form of non-drug therapy that can help people with these types of problems has to be worth investigating. Sheri at Harmonized Brain Centers adds:

“We are excited to add the vibe acoustic chair to our range of therapies along with the foot detoxes and the Low Energy Neurofeedback that continue to help people in our community feel better in a natural way.”

“We are excited to add the vibe acoustic chair to our range of therapies along with the foot detoxes and the Low Energy Neurofeedback that continue to help people in our community feel better in a natural way.”

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