Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping a warm cup of tea, listening to calming music and soaking those long -suffering feet of yours for a half hour. Sounds like bliss, right? And what if someone told you by doing this you will be helping your body and brain to detox and be more efficient and healthy. Sheri Rowney of Harmonized Brain centers looks at how Foot Detoxing works.

Ionized foot baths is a way of easily and naturally removing toxins and wastes from your body in an unobtrusive, comfortable environment. It works by using a dual electrode module composed of a positive anode – where the electrical current flows in, and a negatively charged ion where the current flows out – so an electromagnetic field in the foot bath is created. These energized ions behave like magnets and draw toxins out the body via the 2,000 pores that are in the bottom of your feet.

Ion Cleanse is supported by the idea that organs such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, brain etc., hold onto toxins, especially heavy metals, and that these organs need help in releasing and detoxing from them. During a foot detox session, it is believed that only about 10% of these toxins are released at a time but that through a few sessions, more and more will be removed.

During the session, your feet are placed in a tub of warm water with the ionic array. A few sprinkles of salt are added and immediately you will see the water around the array begin to bubble as the ions become activated. The water will start to change to a rusty color almost immediately, simply a reaction of the ionizer to the salt. But then other things begin to happen. As the minutes pass, a ‘scum’ will appear on the water’s edge, evidence that the detoxification has begun. Following a color chart provided, we can help you identify where the toxins may be coming from. When your 30 minute session is complete, you simply wash your feet, drink a nice glass of water and leave feeling very calm and relaxed.

There are a few restrictions to the foot detoxification: If you are pregnant, nursing, have had an organ transplant, or have any electrical component (such as a pacemaker), you cannot do the ionized foot bath. Foot detoxes can be done up to twice a week for 14 times, then it is recommended that you take a two week break before beginning them again.

As you progress through your treatments, what you see in the water will change, with the goal being for the water to be clearer with less surface material present.

We live in a world where toxins are present everywhere; in our environment, food and water not to mention the products we come in to contact with on a day to day basis. Our bodies are amazing machines that work diligently to run smoothly and efficiently but when presented with a constant barrage of toxicity, it can become overwhelmed and sick. Clean eating, exercise and a healthy regimen can help overcome these pollutants and keep us well and functioning at our best but maybe a Foot Detox might just assist your body in this on going battle.

Come by and try it today at Harmonized Brain Centers of Nashville, youll be amazed at what you see! Call 615 331 8762 to make an appointment. Each 30 minute session costs just $30, with discounts for booking multiple sessions. Email: sh***@ha**********************.com.

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