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LENS Neurofeedback therapy has an amazing success rate of over 90%

Here are just a few testimonials from clients who have been treated at Harmonized Brain Centers.

From bottom of the class to the top!

“Our 13 year old son was having problems managing his explosive anger, attending school and completing his work there. He was also having trouble managing his personal relationships, both socially and at home.

After treatment at the HBC ‘the fog’ has cleared. It’s like he spent the first 13 years of his life walking around in a fog, I know he thinks more clearly now. He’s a much easier child to be with.”

J Reed

Son-in-law is a different person after LENS Therapy

“My 24 year old son-in-law has just completed a series of LENS treatments at the Harmonized Brain Centers. He is more relaxed, able to have a calm conversation and stay on the subject. He is more thoughtful and genuine in his interactions.”

D Wood

Son-in-law is a different person after LENS Therapy

20 years of depression, after two LENS’ sessions, I’m happy again!!

“Crazy! I’ve suffered from depression for over 2 Decades, I’d lost hope of feeling better. Till I found out about this place, did my research and decided to hope even though I was afraid to. I’m in progress, but after just 2 sessions I feel happy again! I’ve had joy and peace at times, but happy!!!

I’m so thankful for the incredible work they do hear and can’t believe this option of therapy has been around since the 90’s and NONE of my mental health professionals mentioned it, only medication!

So thankful!! Thank you!!!”


Anxiety at a new low

“My deepest thanks and gratitude to Dallas and LENS. Last week my anxiety was an 8/10. I was worried that I would not be able to cope anymore. After the LENS treatment, my anxiety dropped to a low murmur.

I came to Harmonized Brain Centers over a year ago with unexplained anger and complications from childhood trauma. LENS has been a literal life saver helping me to deal with my past without using medication. What a Godsend this treatment has been for me. Thank you!”

D Wood

Anxiety at a new low

Concussion & Panic attacks: After LENS, now coping with life’s challenges

“I sought out help at Harmonized Brain Centers when I suddenly started experiencing panic attacks and explosive anger. Afterward I remembered hearing about LENS while attending a brain injury support group that I was participating in. My symptoms before coming to Harmonized Brain Centers were a delayed onset concussion and depression, anxiety, unexplained anger and panic attacks as a result of child sexual abuse.

I am now doing amazing after my treatment at Harmonized Brain Centers. After the first treatment the anger went away and I have not had another panic attack like I did either. I am able to manage the anxiety and depression in a way I never would have imagined possible.

The biggest change in my life is being able to cope much better with all that life still throws my way. Where I would be knocked down for days in a deep depression, I now only feel a minor disruption in my life.”

Lisa K

Migraines: From several a day to none after just 8 weeks therapy!

“After a couple neurosurgeries in March, 2014, I was experiencing several severe migraine headaches every day. I was told by the surgeon that I was going to have to live with these headaches now as a result of the surgeries. I didn’t like that answer, so I started looking for other alternatives. After a finding only partial relief from the other treatments, I sought out Harmonized Brain Centers.

After the first 5 or 6 treatments, the headaches decreased in severity and frequency. After about the 8th or 9th visit, my headaches were gone.

The coolest things I’ve experienced are seemingly small, but very significant:

After needing a GPS to go just about anywhere (because of memory problems), I no longer need to use it to get around.

My ability to work and be active all day has drastically improved.

Fewer headaches, which are much less severe when I do get them.

I’m able to walk straighter (I had a foot that was very bowed out that now points straight).

My thinking is much quicker, and I’m not struggling to find words like I used to.

I have a lazy eye as a result of some earlier surgeries, and now they track together much better.

My experience at HBC has been literally life-changing. My family and I are so thankful for what you do. You have changed our family for the better.”

Jenna R

Migraines: From several a day to none after just 8 weeks therapy!

PTSD, Depression. After four months with LENS, a huge transformation

“I felt like I was living life in circles. I would read a health book- take that info- and use it, then become depressed. It was an on-going cycle. I needed help getting out of a rut mentally.

My symptoms were anxiety, PTSD, Anger, I couldn’t hold a conversation, didn’t know how to be in a formal setting or even go on dates, I was depressed.

Words can’t express how I feel today. I know how to be a man with integrity again, I can make jokes, I can confidently meet new people and especially women – I’ve been using HBC for 4 months I believe now, and enjoy my sessions.

I now take chances, risk and to keep fighting the good fight that I thought was lost forever.”

J Stephens

Trauma: Car accident victim gets her life back

“I sought out help at Harmonized Brain Centers because I had a traumatic brain injury and had recently gone through a lot of traumatic losses and family turmoil. My symptoms were depression, TBI, anger-memory problems, ADD, and anxiety.

After treatment at Harmonized Brain Centers It made a huge difference to me. Between the treatments and Dallas and Shelly’s loving care, I moved through my issues much faster than I normally would have. It helped the anger and depression a lot. Since I always suffered with clinical depression and have TBI; after a year I could probably use a tune up. I will be forever grateful and am so thrilled this treatment is out there to help others who suffer.

It helped my brain to relax. It moved me towards forgiveness and joy. I became more “myself” than I had felt since my car accident 9 years ago…more social, happier. It has helped a lot of my friends towards recovery and a better life.”


Trauma: Car accident victim gets her life back

Harmonized Brain Center

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