A new treatment now available in Nashville may be able to help you. Stress is known as the ‘silent killer’ and effects 75% of the US population.

At the new Harmonized Brain Center in Nashville, positive results helping with this condition have been achieved using the proven and established LENS Neurofeedback treatment. Sheri Rowney, a certified LENS practitioner, looks at this common problem:

Here are some interesting facts about one of the most common health related problems in the USA: Anxiety and Depression:

1) Three-fourths of the human population undergo stress in varying levels in a two week period. The working population is particularly subject to emotional, physical, and mental stress.

2) Anxiety & Stress are some of the main factors causing insomnia and other sleep disorders. When stressors are present, the body naturally heightens its response system, thus, leading to wakefulness.

3) Anxiety & Stress trigger blood vessels to close, thereby reducing profuse bleeding from a flesh wound. The term stress means to draw tight, which originated from the Latin word stringere.

4) According to an opinion poll, the major cause for stress in nearly all countries surveyed is money. The less stressed are: Russia, France, and Italy.

5) Cocoa and chocolate, which are rich in antioxidants, have been are known to reduce stress.

6) The top three stressful cities in America are Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; and New York, New York.

7) Chinese stress balls (Baoding balls) were created during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) in Baoding, China. Originally made of iron, the balls are thought to relieve stress because they touch pressure or acupuncture points on the hand.

(The full list of facts is available here).

Prolonged exposure to stress strengthens the pattern within the brain. Just like with muscles, brain patterns grow stronger with use. Given enough reinforcement, these patterns can become ‘locked’ into place, making it more and more difficult to return to a neutral, unstressed state. Stressed becomes the new normal.

When we are chronically stressed, we underperform at almost everything. It affects the tone of the central nervous system, affecting hormonal balance, suppressing the immune system, impairing mental processing and emotional control.

Anxious thoughts are damaging to the physiological system, and can present physically in a myriad of ways. Migraines, fears, phobias, sleep trouble, irritable bowel, digestive difficulty, anger issues, adrenal fatigue, burnout; most every system in our body suffers when under prolonged stress.

Problem solving involves evaluating a situation, coming up with concrete steps for dealing with it, and then putting the plan into action. Worrying, on the other hand, rarely leads to solutions. No matter how much time you spend dwelling on worst-case scenarios, you’re no more prepared to deal with them should they actually happen.

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