Sleep Disorders

LENS Therapy can help quiet the brain, allowing the body to sleep better and assimilate stress easier

During sleep, the brain has a chance to sort, prioritize and file all the information taken in during the day

Mental functioning decreases nearly twice as rapidly as physical performance with decreased sleep.

The reasons for sleep difficulties are varied but could be caused by stress, anxiety, burnout, trauma, or habitual loop thinking.

LENS Neurofeedback calms the brain to a normal state, lowering the brain wave amplitude and frequencies that cause tiredness. In the case of chronic fatigue related disorders, it can be a long process to rebalance and re-strengthen the system.

Proper nutrition is crucial as a supporting therapy in this case, as is a willingness to take it gently to give the system a chance to rebuild and recover.

How LENS Therapy can help with your sleep health

Restore Emotional Balance

LENS therapy helps shift the brain back into its natural, contented state by restoring the brain’s emotional balance. This allows patients to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change.

Break Out of Involuntary Habits

Shift back into a balanced mental/emotional state, which promotes physical health and is a prerequisite for personal wellbeing, growth and happiness.

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My deepest thanks and gratitude to Dallas and LENS

“Last week my anxiety was an 8/10. I was worried that I would not be able to cope anymore. After the LENS treatment, my anxiety dropped to a low murmur.”

D Wood

Harmonized Brain Center

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