Self Development (Happiness)

Clear negative inner dialogue and widen your perspective

Happiness is all about how we perceive and react to life’s events

Sometimes in the busyness of life, we get caught up in looking to the future or past and lose sight of our sense of self.

Our identity, self-awareness, personality and potential go unattended or unnurtured.

LENS Therapy helps streamline your mind and improves mental hygiene, an essential component of reaching optimal health.

How LENS Therapy can help with Self Development

Break Out of Involuntary Habits

Shift back into a balanced mental/emotional state, which promotes physical health and is a prerequisite for personal wellbeing, growth and happiness.

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After two LENS’ sessions, I’m happy again!

“I’ve suffered from depression for over 2 decades, I’d lost hope of feeling better. Till I found out about this place, did my research and decided to hope even though I was afraid to. I’m in progress, but after just 2 sessions I feel happy again!”

Lisa K

A huge transformation after four months

“Words can’t express how I feel today. I know how to be a man with integrity again, I can make jokes, I can confidently meet new people and especially women – I’ve been using HBC for 4 months I believe now, and enjoy my sessions”

J Stephens

A huge transformation after four months

Harmonized Brain Center

How Can We Help You?

Sheri Rowney and her team are certified LENS practitioners in the Nashville office. Continuous collaboration with our Colorado offices allows for further education and consultation between LENS providers and allows the same dedication to professional service that we have always had.

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