According to a report by Duke University, Vibro Acoustic sound therapy has proven to have significant results benefitting human health both physiologically and mentally.

The low vibrations increase cellular movement, thus increasing energy and cellular regeneration in the body. Consequently, inflammation and pain are reduced because of this treatment.

With the addition of music, patients are able or prone to have an increase in relaxation and decrease in psychological disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and nausea.

Furthermore, individuals with behavioral impulses and autism are found have decrease in aggressive outburst and actions. If these results are consistent in future studies, vibro acoustic therapy can replace pharmaceuticals and eliminate the potential side-effects that arise from usage. The specific group sample makes it difficult to generalize the results to other patients or non-patients. Nevertheless, this is an innovative approach that combines vibration and music to tend to human health.

Not only should this therapy be integrated in medicine, but it should be accessible to anyone experiencing physical or psychological distress.

View the full report here.