LENS Therapy

Low Energy Neurofeedback System Therapy

What is LENS Therapy?

At Harmonized Brain Centers, we specialize in the Low Energy Neurofeedback System Therapy.

Small electrodes connected to an EEG machine send small radio signals to the brain. The first session creates a Brain Map.

How LENS Therapy works

In our offices you’ll first sit in a comfortable chair. Three very small sensors then are placed on your head: two on your ears and one is moved to different areas of your head.

A low energy radio wave is then sent to the brain for just a few short seconds (this invisible frequency is less than the energy emitted by a cellphone)

The signal we send out alerts the brainwaves to new stimulation, and redirects them to return to a more normal state. Through this simple method, the brain begins to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase those associated with optimal brain function.

First visit

On your first visit we do a 21-site mapping. This will give us an overview of how efficient the brain waves are working, where there might be some irregularities and helps give us a plan of how to move forward in our next sessions.

Subsequent visits

At subsequent visits we concentrate on a few sites at a time based on the mapping we did from the initial session. Every few visits we are able to prepare a new map to compare to the original and can visibly see the changes. Most people are already starting to notice small changes before we get to the next mapping.

FAQs about LENS Therapy

Is LENS Therapy safe?

Yes! LENS Therapy is completely non-invasive and safe.

Since its inception in the 1990’s, no one has ever been harmed using LENS Therapy.

How Effective Is LENS Therapy?

LENS Therapy is effective in the majority of cases and is one of fastest working neurofeedback programs available.

More than 95% of our clients report significant improvement towards their goals and the results are long lasting.

Does LENS Therapy Use Electric Shock Treatment?

No! Absolutely not, there is no use of electric shocks in LENS Neurofeedback Therapy.

You will feel no pain when using LENS Neurofeedback. Promise.

About Us

Harmonized Brain Center

Sheri Rowney and her team are certified LENS practitioners in the Nashville office. Continuous collaboration with our Colorado offices allows for further education and consultation between LENS providers and allows the same dedication to professional service that we have always had.