For many of the more common Women’s Mental Health problems, there is now an alternative to drugs. Certified LENS Neurofeedback practitioner, Sheri Rowney reports on some recent success stories she has seen at her Harmonized Brain Centers here in Nashville.

Happy Women’s Health Month! This is an awesome month to spotlight all that we should be doing to maintain good health and wellness. While most women will make time for their regular PAP smear and Mammogram, there are many others suffering the ill effects of PMS, Postpartum Depression or Menopause without realizing there is help for these too. LENS (low energy neurofeedback) could be the help you need and didn’t even know it was there. In the six months since we opened our doors here in Nashville, we have had the opportunity to help many Women, here are some of their stories:

– A young woman of 25, was so excited to become a first time mother; reading all the books, eating healthy, doing everything she could during her pregnancy to give her baby the best start in life. Other than the usual aches and pains, she felt great during her pregnancy and looked forward to becoming a mom. The birth went according to plan, her first attempts at breastfeeding were positive and then WHAM! About the 5th day after birth, things changed. She was tired, she was sore, her inability to soothe her baby at times had her feeling anxious and depressed. These feelings continued to get worse, day by day until she literally felt like she could not get out of bed. Her mother, looking for help, brought her in for a consultation. A few LENS treatments later, she was back to her normal self, feeling happy and positive and excited to be a new mom.

– A 32 year old professional, is a busy woman; working a 50 hour week, works out daily and loves to socialize with her many friends and boyfriend for 23 days of the month. The other 5 to 7 days she suffers with PMS; raging mood swings, anxiety, migraines and feeling so tired she can hardly focus. She tried many different prescribed medications to help but they were either ineffective or had side effects worse than the symptoms. She came to Harmonized Brain Centers with little hope that we could help. We began LENS treatments once a week and within two months, her symptoms had decreased dramatically or gone away completely; leaving her free to be herself the whole month.

– A 54 year old woman was struggling through the effects of Menopause. While the doctor had prescribed hormonal replacement that had helped with the physical changes, she was still struggling with the mood imbalances, foggy brain and headaches. She came into HBC looking for hope and we were able to help. After a few weekly treatments, she was able to sleep better, felt more calm and focused and able to resume doing the things she enjoyed once again.

LENS (low energy neurofeedback) is a non-invasive, easy treatment that allows the brain waves to reset; giving it the opportunity to run more effectively and efficiently. It is quick, it is painless and the results are fast. There is no need to suffer with the headaches, the fogginess, the depression and anxiety just because you’re a woman and thought you had to. Give me a call and let us help.

What is LENS Neurofeedback? And how is it different from other forms of Neurofeedback?

An excellent question, in brief while they both work to regulate your Brain’s activity by calming or repairing the Brain’s excessive or damaged areas, the procedures are different:

Most traditional Bio or Neurofeedback therapies require the participant to engage in tests or activities while wearing a cap of electrodes that monitor the Brains’ activities. These are connected to a computer that analyzes the feedback and regulates the brain areas that are causing the problems.

These sessions can last for up to an hour each time and a course of therapy can take 30 weeks or more. Cost $5000+

With LENS Neurofeedback, after 40 years of continuous development, the process has been made much easier, quicker and less expensive: An initial 45 minute consultation takes a ‘map’ of your brain which reveals the areas that need calming or addressing. Each subsequent session last 15 minutes (normally weekly), and after 10 sessions some 95% of participants report success. Cost: $1000.