Low Energy Neurofeedback Therapy

A non-invasive, non-drug approach to treating headaches, migraines, insomnia, depression and more

Fighting conditions such as migraines, ADHD, or insomnia?

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Dr. Sheri Rowney and her team at Harmonized Brain Centers have 26 years combined experience helping patients combat conditions like ADHD, insomnia, migraines and headaches using Low Energy System Neurofeedback Therapy.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy utilizes an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine to measure and record the brain’s electrical activity.

Physicians then work with this information to promote positive brain activity and/or or identify and address any brain areas that may be experiencing dysregulation.

How LENS Therapy works

At Harmonized Brain Centers, we specialize in a form of Neurofeedback Therapy known as Low Light Neurofeedback System Therapy, which connects a computer to the EEG machine.

The sensor is placed on different parts of your head for just a few short seconds while a low energy radio wave is sent to the brain (this invisible frequency is less than the energy emitted by a cellphone)

The signal we send out alerts the brainwaves to new stimulation, and redirects them to return to a more normal state. Through this simple method, the brain begins to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase those associated with optimal brain function.

Small electrodes connected to an EEG machine send small radio signals to the brain. The first session creates a Brain Map.

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Conditions we treat

LENS Therapy can be used to help treat the following conditions:


LENS Therapy helps re-train sensory skills that may have been missing or incomplete in early brain development


LENS Therapy unlocks stress patterns, helping you focus and deal with everyday life without tension or anxiousness


LENS Therapy helps the brain break out of these involuntary habits and allows us to shift back into a more balanced mental and emotional state.

Migraines & Headaches

LENS Therapy calms the brain to a normal state, lowering the brain wave amplitude and frequencies that cause tiredness and intense headaches that come with these conditions.

Sleep Disorder

LENS is proven to help quiet the brain, allowing the body to sleep better, restore your natural sleep rhythms, and assimilate stress easier.

Concussion & TBI

LENS Therapy works at a deep subconscious level, breaking the cycle of concussion and post-traumatic symptoms.

About Us

Harmonized Brain Center

Dr. Sheri Rowney and her team are certified LENS practitioners. We are excited to expand our offices to Nashville TN with the same dedication to professional service that we have always had.