LENS Therapy fees

How much does LENS Therapy treatment cost?

The cost for a LENS treatment varies based on the number of sessions you have with Harmonized Brain Centers.

We offer various discounts for prepayment, or for booking 10 sessions or more treatments. (This is the normal number of treatments you can expect for most conditions, though it can vary).

We accept all major credit cards.

We can discuss Fees in more detail during your initial consultation, but we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable LENS Therapy can be.

We do not, currently, accept any form of Medical Insurance.

Sheri Rowney with her patient

From bottom of the class to the top!

“Our 13 year old son was having problems managing his explosive anger, attending school and completing his work there. He was also having trouble managing his personal relationships, both socially and at home.

After treatment at the HBC ‘the fog’ has cleared. It’s like he spent the first 13 years of his life walking around in a fog, I know he thinks more clearly now. He’s a much easier child to be with.”

J Reed

Son-in-law is a different person after LENS Therapy

“My 24 year old son-in-law has just completed a series of LENS treatments at the Harmonized Brain Centers. He is more relaxed, able to have a calm conversation and stay on the subject. He is more thoughtful and genuine in his interactions.”

D Wood

Son-in-law is a different person after LENS Therapy

Harmonized Brain Center

How Can We Help You?

Sheri Rowney and her team are certified LENS practitioners in the Nashville office. Continuous collaboration with our Colorado offices allows for further education and consultation between LENS providers and allows the same dedication to professional service that we have always had.

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