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Meet the people at Harmonized Brain Centers, Nashville

Meet Sheri Rowney

Licensed LENS practitioner

Sheri Rowney is HBC’s Managing Director and a Certified LENS practitioner of the Nashville Tennessee Harmonized Brain Center office.

She is one of the country’s most experienced &; knowledgeable LENS therapists having conducted over 25,000 session since starting HBC. She previously ran a private school for 16 years.

“I opened Harmonized Brain Centers in Nashville over 7 years ago. Since then we have helped 100’s of people with every type of emotional, mental and psychological issues. The LENS therapy has changed so many lives for the better, every day is a journey for me to help my clients get their lives back to normal. It is so satisfying to see the positive, life changing effect this amazing therapy can have on people”.

Meet Christiana Vorst

Licensed LENS practitioner

Christiana is a Certified LENS practitioner.

While working with all age groups and conditions, she specializes in working with kids, teens and young adults, guiding them through age sensitive issues, establishing boundaries and helping build self esteem.

“I remember how hard it is to be a teenager. Many of the battles adults struggle with stem from their formative preteen and teenage years. Teens need support, encouragement and someone to help them understand that they are not alone. I want to be one of those people. A lot of times in my work I meet teens that are jaded and parents who don’t know how else to help their children – and I have continually seen LENS help families and provide hope again.”

Meet Kathy Wike

Licensed LENS practitioner

Kathy Wike is a Certified LENS practitioner.

Kathy is an educator with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Kathy knows first hand the benefits of LENS therapy. As a former client, she had profound help in moving through a time of intense trauma and grief. 

“LENS therapy helped me to not get stuck in grief, depression, and the overwhelming feelings of how to move forward with life. I am beyond grateful for the help I received and want to extend help to every person I possibly can! People often ask me who actually benefits from LENS? I tell them anyone who has any stress in their life and that is everyone I know! One of my clients recently said, “LENS therapy is like a spa for your brain.” That is a perfect description! LENS not only relaxes but helps in feeling equipped to be sharper, clearer, and more efficient in daily activities, such as work, making decisions, communication, relationships, and managing stress. I have people tell me all the time, “I feel like myself again and even better.” I count it a HUGE blessing to be a part of this wonderful team at HBC, who sincerely care and love to help people feel their best!”

Gwen Minton

Meet Gwen Minton

Licensed LENS practitioner

Gwen Minton

Gwen is a Licensed Master Social Worker with over 15 years of practice in social work.

She is a certified Life Coach and also facilitates adventure therapy with individuals in various stages of their emotional and mental health recovery journeys. 

She is passionate about supporting individuals to find and express their best selves.

She has personally experienced the incredible benefits of LENS Neurofeedback and is grateful to be able to offer it to others as a practitioner. 

Meet Jennifer Connelly

Licensed LENS practitioner

Jennifer Connelly is married and mother of four.

“I began my journey with Harmonized Brain Centers as a client several years ago. I found LENS a valuable piece in my puzzle to deal with high anxiety. Since then, my husband, children and mother have all benefited from Harmonized Brain Centers as well. I am currently working towards a masters in Pastoral Counseling, have been certified in Narrative Focus Trauma Care from the Allender Center and certified as a licensed LENS practitioner.

My desire is to help people deal with their struggles and find ways to overcome the physical and emotional traumas in their lives. I am amazed by how our brains can heal themselves when given the opportunity and love how LENS can help that happen”.

Gwen Minton

Meet Brenna Perkins

Licensed LENS practitioner

Gwen Minton

Brenna Mader Perkins has a degree from Belmont University in Journalism and Media Studies. She has always had a sincere curiosity about people’s stories and is passionate about wellness.

“As a former client, LENS therapy helped me with fatigue, focus issues, emotional regulation, and anxiety. I love helping others live their most healthy, vibrant life and LENS therapy is a powerful step towards that.” 

Meet Denise Miller

Office Manager

As office manager, Denise is usually the first person you’ll meet when you walk in the door at Harmonized Brain Centers.

Her warm and friendly demeanor will help make you feel right at home as she works with you on paperwork, appointments, payments and other questions. 

She’ll serve you a cup of tea and make you comfortable, letting you know how important you are to us all at Harmonized Brain centers.

“I love seeing people change from week to week as they come in. From my seat in the front office, I see things differently than the Practitioners do and it’s always so fun to see people start smiling and happy again.”

Meet Cato

Cato the wonder dog is here for emotional support, lots of hugs and generally a great calming influence for everyone.

He looks forward to greeting each person as they come in, hanging out during the sessions and looking for treats now and then.


Helping you relax

Our office space includes areas for LENS Therapy, Foot Detox, and Vibro Acoustic therapy.

Foot detox area

Our Comfortable Foot Detox area, relax!

Vibro Acoustic chair area

Our new Vibro Acoustic Chair is screened off for privacy so you can enjoy the amazing experience in peace and quiet.

Harmonized Brain Center

How Can We Help You?

Sheri Rowney and her team are certified LENS practitioners in the Nashville office. Continuous collaboration with our Colorado offices allows for further education and consultation between LENS providers and allows the same dedication to professional service that we have always had.

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