I have been receiving this therapy, for a while now and it’s been amazing. I have been involved in software design, development, and robotics. This field of profession is really demanding and needs focus thought process.  When I received this therapy, I could not believe the results, it is an excellent scientific way of dealing with the stress and enhance your focus and thus enhance mental potential to do excellent logical jobs, that involve serious decision-making ability and logic.   Sheri is a great person and does have a ton of experience in this field. She is an awesome care giver. On the other hand, Denise at the front desk is awesome too. Denise is a great personality and very helpful. Thank you, Sheri, the results I have achieved after the care you provided is superlative and I recommend this to everybody who wants to improve their quality of life, sleep, and decision-making ability.

Tamojit Chakraborty