I can’t say enough good things about Sheri and the Harmonized Brain Centers of Tennessee.  I had been having a tough time with anxiety, and accidentally stumbled across the Harmonized Brain Center.  I had attended support groups, read books, tried meditation, exercise, etc.  Nothing seemed to curb the anxiety monster that had been maligning me.  Sheri did an incredible job at walking me through the process and breaking it down into comprehensible pieces so that me, the layman, could understand.

I began to see changes after just a few sessions, and by the end I felt like an entirely different person.  It’s interesting looking back at my demeanor prior to my LENS sessions, and how it and my outlook have changed so dramatically.  I feel more in control of my mind and my life.

I truly believe that LENS can be beneficial to almost anybody.  We all have things that vex and compromise our thoughts and mind on a daily basis.  We sacrifice our mental care through overexertion and push ourselves to the brink until we break.  I am convinced that this is where my anxiety came from.  LENS made it possible to “reboot” and bring my brain back to a state of normalcy and control.  I am and will be eternally grateful to Sheri and her team for mending the mind of an anxious man.

Jones Nelson