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The team at Harmonized Brain Centers have conducted over 25,000 LENS therapy sessions making our offices some of the busiest and most successful in the USA.

What are the benefits of the LENS system?

  • Non invasive
  • No drugs
  • Suitable for toddlers to veterans
  • No pain, and long lasting
  • No ‘training’ or participation, no ‘caps’
  • Each treatment last just a few minutes
  • Fast results
  • Affordable
  • 95%+ effective
  • Proven technology with 25 years successful track record

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Conditions we treat

LENS Therapy can help treat the following conditions:


LENS Therapy helps re-train sensory skills that may have been missing or incomplete in early brain development

Anxiety & Stress

LENS Therapy unlocks stress patterns, helping you focus and deal with everyday life without tension or anxiousness


LENS Therapy helps the brain break out of these involuntary habits and allows us to shift back into a more balanced mental and emotional state.

Migraines & Headaches

LENS Therapy calms the brain to a normal state, lowering the brain wave amplitude and frequencies that cause tiredness and intense headaches that come with these conditions.

Sleep Disorder

LENS is proven to help quiet the brain, allowing the body to sleep better, restore your natural sleep rhythms, and assimilate stress easier.

Concussion & TBI

LENS Therapy works at a deep subconscious level, breaking the cycle of concussion and post-traumatic symptoms.

How LENS Therapy works

A sensor is placed on each ear, while another is moved to different areas of your head. A low energy radio wave is sent to the brain, disrupting the negative pattern, and allowing the brain to find an easier, more efficient, and natural pattern.

Each sensor is in place for about 20 seconds each; most people won’t feel anything, while occasionally some may feel a slight tingling sensation to the area.

The total process lasts about 4 to 5 minutes, and you are not required to “do” anything other than sit and be relaxed and comfortable.

These invisible frequencies emit less energy than a standard cellphone.

LENS Neurofeedback, is quick, painless and requires no involvement, training or testing by the recipient.

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Harmonized Brain Centers Nashville
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Genia Gilchrist
Genia Gilchrist
17:07 24 Jan 20
I went here with the worst anxiety in the world it changed my life. I would totally suggest this for anyone, my only... complaint is that drs. Don’t tell you about this!!!!! I LOVE HARMoNIZED BRAIN....Please come see them .read more
Tanya Fore
Tanya Fore
21:23 26 Oct 19
Forever thankful I discovered Harmonized Brain Centers and highly recommend the Neurofeedback Lens treatments to... everyone! Sheri and her staff are incredibly kind, caring and patient! They take their time to explain the process, educate you on what to expect, and listen to all your concerns. My teenage daughter suffered with anxiety, an inability to focus, daily headaches, short temper and sleep disorders for many, many years. I tried everything - medication, natural remedies, supplements, diet changes - however nothing would ever completely heal her. After one month of treatments at HBC, the improvements in my daughter’s daily life were fascinating! A treatment so quick and painless has been a life changer - so blessed! Now we fly to TN from FL every month or two for tune ups. Thank you Sheri for giving my daughter life again and a sense of normalcy that was lost for so long!read more
dave jackson
dave jackson
17:15 17 May 19
Sherri is the absolute best in the business! Love love love her!!!
Gloria Pillow
Gloria Pillow
15:43 30 Oct 18
I went to Harmonized Brain Centers after doing some research on what might help with anxiety and sleep issues. Sheri... is such a compassionate, caring, and intuitive individual! She explained the process clearly. My once-a-week treatments lasted for six months, until Sheri and I both felt that I had reached my plateau, and I still go once a month for "tune-ups." My anxiety has calmed down, and I have enjoyed significant results with digestive and sleep issues. I highly recommend Harmonized Brain Centers. Thank you, Sheri and Denise!read more
Tamojit Chakraborty
Tamojit Chakraborty
19:17 12 Sep 18
I have been receiving this therapy, for a while now and it's been amazing. I have been involved in software design ,... development and robotics. This field of profession is really demanding and needs focus thought process. When I received this therapy, I could not believe the results, it is an excellent scientific way of dealing with the stress and enhance your focus and thus enhance mental potential to do excellent logical jobs, that involve serious decision making ability and logic. Sheri is a great person and does have a ton of experience in this field. She is an awesome care giver. On the other hand Denise at the front desk is awesome too. Denise is a great personality and very very helpful. Thank you Sheri, the results I have achieved after the care you provided is superlative and I recommend this to everybody who wants to improve their quality of life, sleep and decision making ability.read more
Rebecca Baker
Rebecca Baker
13:23 07 Sep 18
I was noticing brain fog and inability to focus not common to me. So I went for full sessions and WOW!!!! balance,... emotional stability, functioning restored. Easy, not painful, and it should be covered by insurance. Worth it. More important than a massage!!!read more
Todd Cottle
Todd Cottle
19:32 31 Aug 18
Great experience; fantastic results. Its been 3 weeks since I finished all my treatments with Nana and I am thoroughly... impressed. She was very informative and took great effort to customize sessions to me. At first I may have been a bit skeptical but now I am so glad I found out about Harmonized Brain Centers and would definitely recommend it. Its an interesting approach with deliverable results.read more
Jones Nelson
Jones Nelson
03:07 21 Feb 18
I can't say enough good things about Sheri and the Harmonized Brain Centers of Tennessee. I had been having a really... tough time with anxiety, and accidentally stumbled across the Harmonized Brain Center. I had attended support groups, read books, tried meditation, exercise, etc. Nothing seemed to curb the the anxiety monster that had been maligning me. Sheri did an incredible job at walking me through the process, and breaking it down into comprehensible pieces so that me, the layman, could understand. I began to see changes after just a few sessions, and by the end I felt like an entirely different person. It's interesting looking back at my demeanor prior to my LENS sessions, and how it and my outlook have changed so dramatically. I feel more in control of my mind and my life. I truly believe that LENS can be beneficial to almost anybody. We all have things that vex and compromise our thoughts and mind on a daily basis. We sacrifice our mental care through overexertion, and push ourselves to the brink until we break. I am convinced that this is where my anxiety came from. LENS made it possible to "reboot" and bring my brain back to a state of normalcy and control. I am, and will be eternally grateful to Sheri and her team for mending the mind of an anxious man.read more
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